Cast Page

Christine “Chris” Delacroix
Chris DelacroixChris is an ordinary 18 year old girl. She likes reading quietly, being left alone, and Star Trek. She’s had the recent misfortune of walking in on her dad disemboweling someone with his bare…claws? Yep, he’s a demon, and so is she. Now, instead of going to university, gaming all day, and arguing with her friends over who is the best doctor (David Tennant), she has to cope with the betrayal and anguish of her family’s lies, the violence she’s suddenly constantly exposed to, and somehow continue to pursue her original goals. She tries not to think about it, for the most part.

Alice Delacroix
Alice DelacroixAlice is Chris’s twin sister. Unlike Chris, Alice is outgoing, confident, and doesn’t give two shits about this whole ‘demon’ business. Alice has other things to think about. She needs to pass Chemistry 101, for example, and Professor Beavers is constantly docking marks and calling the police over so-called ‘mad science’ experiments in the lab. Alice is also busy with her girlfriend, Maxine, a work colleague of her dad’s who happens to be a super hot badass bitch who takes what she wants and destroys the rest – Alice’s idea of the perfect woman.

Cecil Delacroix
Cecil DelacroixCecil is Chris and Alice’s dad. Everything he has ever told his daughters about himself, their family, and their background has been a lie. Cecil is in his early forties and raised the girls as a single parent, with an extraordinary amount of help from his best friend Luca. He hid the truth about demons from them to give them an ordinary childhood and keep them safe from the cutthroat (literally) world of demon politics, which he is deeply involved in as Overlord of the demons in their metropolitan area (essentially, he’s the mayor.) Unfortunately, he forgot to ‘fess up to the truth when they turned 18, and let them find out accidentally instead. Cecil works at Tartarus, the centre of demon operations in town, with Luca, Maxine, and Fen.

Lucrezia ‘Luca’ Russo
Cecil DelacroixLuca is Cecil’s best friend since they met in a demon orphanage, where they were trained in hand to hand combat, weapons, bombs, tactics, survival, and never got around to history, science, or geography. She works at Tartarus with Cecil. Officially, Luca is head of security and special operations at the demon headquarters, but unofficially she keeps Cecil on track in his duties as Overlord, which he neglects as willfully and as often as his responsibilities as a father. Luca is tough and no-nonsense, but she loves the twins fiercely. The only other thing she loves is chocolate, and she really fucking loves chocolate.

Maxine Bishop
Fools Rush In - MaxineMaxine also works at Tartarus, though her job responsibilities are unclear, to say the least. She draws a paycheck, though, and once in a while is coerced into helping Cecil with…something. Maxine is super-strong and can shoot lighting from her hands, making her extremely dangerous. She knows this, and uses it to her advantage often. Maxine is extremely narcissistic and abrasive. She especially hates Chris, whose apparent weaknesses fill her with annoyance and rage. She is in love with Alice, the only person she sees as anything approaching an equal. She is also reluctantly friends with Fen, because she needs someone to watch Real Housewives with.

Fenris ‘Fen’ Holt
Fen - Fools Rush InFen works with Cecil, Luca, and Maxine at Tartarus, where she is Chief Administrative Officer. She lived in Winnipeg, Canada, until moving to Massachusetts to get her MBA at a school near Boston. She’s never met a stranger, and never takes ‘No’ or ‘You’re making me uncomfortable’ or ‘Please, please stop!’ as an answer. She’s madly in love with Cecil, and incredibly frustrated that never returns her affection. She takes her frustrations out on Nadine, a shy, fearful girl she hired as an assistant with the specific intention of breaking her down piece by piece. Fen is friends with Luca and Maxine because she knows they both need her help to become the women they ought to be.