Fools Rush In is a webcomic featuring Christine ‘Chris’ Delacroix, a college freshman who just found out she’s a demon.

Chris is a sweet, well-meaning dweeb, whose main goal in life is finding like-minded nerds to swap fan fiction and cosplay sewing tips. After spending the first 18 years of her life blissfully oblivious to the nefarious dealings of her father Cecil and surrogate-mother Luca, Chris’s world was shattered when she walked in on Cecil not just killing a guy, but playing with the intestines and wearing the head like a Davy Crocket hat. Luca swept in to explain real quick that – head’s up – the family are demons. Although she acknowledges they should have told Chris sooner, Luca has little patience for any angst or questioning that arises from this discovery.

Alongside Chris is her twin sister, Alice. Although Alice learned of her heritage at the same times as Chris, she accepted the new reality immediately and thought no more of it. Alice is more concerned with her education and career as a mad-scientist-in-the-making, and her relationship with her older girlfriend, Maxine.

Maxine works with Cecil and Luca at Tartarus, the centre of demon operations in Meridian City. Tartarus is the seat of the demon government, an underground fortress, and also a nightclub. Although nominally run by Cecil, as Overlord, Tartarus is helmed by Fen, a ruthlessly efficient administrator whose job is second only to her need to capture Cecil’s heart. She sees Chris as a possible avenue to Cecil’s love, and tramples all boundaries and social expectations to get to him through his daughter.

Chris tries to navigate between her human world – one of video games, anime, sci-fi, and social awkwardness – and the demon world her family has dragged her into, with little success. She keeps trying though, gamely pressing forward when her insane family drags her into murder, torture, human experiments, and whatever other felonies they’re committing that week.

Fools Rush In is a comedy strip that updates every Tuesday and Thursday. It is written and drawn by Alana Lawson, with characters created by Nick Doyle. Alana is a web designer and social media marketer by trade. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and her personal website, www.alanalawson.com. She lives in Saint John, New Brunswick, with her husband and baby son. Alana has been making comics since she was a child in the early 90’s, when she first saw Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side and said ‘me, too.’